woman behind a red door looking at mirrors and reflection of a cow mask covering her head

Public Events

Invisible Game:

6th July 2017
A performance/game event took place in the open spaces, playground, basement and corridors of Primary Studios, Nottingham UK. The event was an experiment in play, performance and collectivity using an interactive mirror to create a bridge between this place and another place and group of people, Flor de Pequi, in a town in the centre of Brazil. Followed by a 20 minute discussion that reflected on our sense of collectivity, place and community cohesion.


26th Nov 2016
Public presentation of the Invisible project by Silvia at the Guaimbê community centre in the neighbourhood of Bomfim in Pirenópolis which involved movement and games led by Flor de Pequi and the participation of 40 local children and adults from the community who frequent the space.

15th July 2016

Led by Rachel, two workshops took place at Primary Studios with local artists, students, researchers and residents taking part to think about and collaborate on building ideas around the interactive mirror concept. We explored a variety of perspectives including the technical, structural and narrative development techniques.

Part of the activity encompassed the opening of a box which contained several objects and materials prepared by Silvia for the workshop for the participants to play with and instigate a relationship between each other.


10th Dec 2016

The Invisible installation took place at Primary Studios, an artist studio space and public gallery
in the Lenton area of Nottingham in December 2016.

Built inside the Victorian school by the Invisible team in Nottingham, it was installed behind a doorway
leading from the playground to the main gallery space in a corridor.
250 people attended the event, with approximately 50 people playing directly with the mirror and another 100 people who watched, as they walked past, interacting briefly.

This event was a first opportunity to integrate Silvia’s dialogue with Flor de Pequi in Pirenópolis,
which culminated in a story weaving the underground world of sandstone below the Nottingham’s school playground with a place on the other side of the Altantic where masked people came to life through dance and play.

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