truck on road on the way to Pirenoplis


Invisible is taking place over time in real spaces and places in England and Brazil. In Rio and London where Leal lives and works, and Nottingham where Jacobs lives and works.

Eventually the mirrors will be built and embedded in the town of Pirenopolis and it is hoped in a community in Nottinghamshire. Both of these communities have similarities in that they have a strong industrial mining heritage of coal in the UK and stone in Brazil. They are both places of scientific interest, tourism and natural beauty.

The first Invisible interventions took place at Primary Studios in Nottingham, an artist studio and arts space where Jacobs is based part time. Primary is located in an old Victorian school in Nottingham, which is a city built on sandstone rocks and caves, that was once surrounded by Sherwood Forest and of course the home to the iconic world renowned legend of Robin Hood. These elements of this location and place, from the past and present, informed the narratives created in the first phase of the project.

The next step for Invisible is for the artists to go to Sherwood Forest and Pirenopolis to take a mirror with them and to work with these two communities to build their own mirror and start to play…

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